The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Nowadays when internet developed day by day and everyone buy the products online because of busy life and convinience. So more and more online shops are formed and developed fastly. In fact, thousands people have a shop online and appoarch their customer easily with many supported tools and SEO so you need select best free ecommerce wordpress themes.

To have a shop page, Woocommerce‘s wonderful platform to create ecommerce WordPress theme. After you install and active Woocommerce, you can show your products, desciptions, prices in a minute.  Your visitors can view your products and buy the product by some clicks easily piece of cake. Woocommerce allow you convert a nomal website to ecommerce website by simple intergration. Because it’s too easy to buy the products, the visitors can checkout to make their payment if they’re ready.

This collection – The 15+ Best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes – below makes sure you can choose a stunning ecommerce website because we collect them based on many features that provide a wide variety of layouts, formats, images, fonts, styles, and more. They work like your regular WordPress themes — but they’re used specifically to customize your e-commerce store.

The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

The 15+ Best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes

1. TheShop

TheShop is morden, very easy to use including inexperinced WordPress users, it’s compatible with many popular Woocommerce plugins so you can integrate many awesome features for your online shop with many Woocommerce plugin, i make sure that you will have gorgeous shop with TheShop theme.

TheShop comes with a custom font pages, over 600 Google fonts,  unlimited color options, two menus, a slider for your header and lot mores.  This make you super-easy to create a ecommerce website as you want in a short time.

Theshop in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes


2. Zincy lite

Zincy Lite is rich-feature, clean, morden WordPress, it includes unlimited Google fonts,  color options, category slider, (sticky) header, portfolios, testimoninals and lot mores.  The checkout pages of this theme are customized nice and wonderfully, you can improve fastly your  checkout process of being converted.

Zincy Lite is compatible with many nescessary plugins as Yoast SEO, Contact form and mores. Woocommerece plugin is intergrated  with the benifits as searching content in shop pages or singple product pages,  call to action section. Besite, there are many page layouts and Zincy Lite’s also fully responsive and translation ready with multilanguage and SEO friendly for the rank.


Zincy Lite in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

3.  Estore

Next up we have Estore theme,  a morden, fast, feature- rich ercommerce theme. It’s wonderful to use this theme for your business, you visitors can buy the products easier so they will satifield with your website and that’s good condition so they come back to buy again on your website.


Estore in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

With Page Builder plugin, you can build the website easily with many shortcodes as testimonials, headings, textblocks and lot mores. Estore theme also allows change your colors with a click without getting hard code and integrate more than 600+ Google fonts. Estore theme is packed with many awesome slider about categories and proucts, visitor will impress your website of beautifull slider. Try Estore theme!

 4. E-commerce Gem

Ecommerce Gem is clean, morden ecommerce theme which comes with many awesome features: multi sections on the front page, a widget section in footer, full width sider and mores. With a click demo installation and you click plugin, you can have a stunning online store.  Ecommerce Gem’s alo fully response on various sizes from PC to mobiles with many poplular devices.

Ecoomerce Gem includes unlimited color schemes, more 800 Google fonts so it allows you can build website with a short time and fit your brands perfectly. The theme’s developed kepping SEO practices so your website stays ahead of your competitors


Ecommerce Gem in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

5.  EightStore Lite

EightStore Lite is best ecommerce theme, there are many interesting features that it’s deseved your time for building a website. First, EightStore has beautifull, clean front-end. If you have never worked with Woocommerce plugin, you don’t need worry about that because it’s surpising easy to show your products and categories.

Many businessman like and use EightStore Lite theme because it’s really professional ecommerce theme and it doesn’t take so much time for customization because the theme’s based on customizer, widget and addon to customize everything as you want about your website.


EightStore Lite in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

6. AccessPress Store

AccessPress Store is morden, clean theme which packed up exciting features for ecommerce website. There are many features: call to action, feature product show list, product slider and lot mores.

Certain tag’s integrated in some products you want as: new, hot, sale. Visitors can view the difference products in listing and select in feature products easily. This theme includes gorgeous image carousel and overlaying in text and button in slider.


AccessPress Store in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

7. Llorix One Lite

Llorix One Lite is morden, gorgeuos website, it was designed to be a single page which’s easy to customize, organize, it’s  better performance for SEO.
Llorix One Lite provides a responsive blog section, you can get the free theme but you can also have an option for updating premium theme version for a price, this’s reason many vistors like this theme.


Florix one Lite in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Themes

8. Intuition

The awesome theme comes morden, clean theme to customize a great features.  It has huge customization options so it’s one of most feature useres like and vote for Intuition theme. There are many  layout options which are built in default options, it comes with five different sidebar layouts so your website will be gergoeus as you want.

Beyot that, Intuition theme is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads plugin which has been designed for handling digital products, such as eBooks, MP3s and video content.  Your website makes sure vistors impressive by professional ecommerce website.

Intution in The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme


Beside of Free Woocommerce themes above, we suggest some of the best premium Woocommerce themes. Of course, premium themes are designed with many features and options that provide a wide variety of layouts/formats/images/fonts/styles, enhance your user experience, attract more visitors, and simplify browsing and shopping on your site. Let’s dive into some of the e-commerce themes below:

The 15+ Best Premium Ecommerce WordPress Themes

1. StudioPress Outfitter Pro WordPress Theme

Outfitter Pro is a StudioPress theme built for e-commerce integration. It’s ideal for displaying products on both your website’s homepage as well as specific product pages. this WordPress theme includes attractive product display options and an easy-to-follow customer checkout system that’s also responsive design.

Outfitter Pro gives you the opportunity to customize your theme’s content, colors, and headers. If you are just starting out, there’s also support for text-based logos so you can ensure your logo looks professional (If you’re already a WP Engine user, StudioPress themes automatically come with all plans).

StudioPress Outfitter Pro Theme - Woocommerce WordPress Theme

StudioPress Outfitter Pro Theme – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

2. Pearl Business

Pearl Business is a multi-purpose Woocommerce business theme with settings for all kinds of companies. The theme offers over 30 demo videos to get you started and 250 different templates tailored towards a variety of business needs. No matter your level of e-commerce experience, the dozens of demo videos Pearl Business provides will help you learn how to customize your website.

Pearl Business - The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Pearl Business – Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme

3. Jupiter

Jupiter is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, customizable Woocommerce store for business and e-commerce sites. The theme makes customization easy using the Elementor Page Builder. With this feature, you can build and view your page in real-time. Jupiter offers 100+ elements and features to match your site’s design with your company’s branding and aesthetic.

The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Jupiter – Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme

4. ThemeX

ThemeX integrates with e-commerce for a completely customizable online storefront. this WordPress theme includes four stacks to choose from — these have multiple designs for different business needs in terms of function and appearance. These Stacks make customization a quick process as a lot of the work is already done for you. ThemeX provides you with a list of demo sites that you can visit to ensure you choose the perfect Stack for your own website.

ThemeX - The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

ThemeX – Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme

5. Enfold

Enfold is a business and Woocommerce WordPress theme that offers quick two-minute installation. With one click, you can install one of their dozens of demos based on your website and business needs and begin customizing your WordPress theme as your liking.

This WordPress theme does not require you to have any previous coding knowledge, and they offer an admin area where you can easily build and style your pages from the backend. Enfold’s e-commerce integration makes managing your entire shopping website simple no matter what products you sell.

Enfold - The 15+ Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Enfold – Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme

6. BeTheme

BeTheme is a lightweight business and e-commerce WordPress theme, meaning it takes up less storage. This allows your website to be as quick and responsive as possible. With nearly 400 pre-built websites suited for a wide range of industries, you can spend less time designing your website and more time selling your products. BeTheme’s customizable headers and menus have minimalist designs to ensure great user experience and intuitive shopping experience.



BeTheme – Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme

7. The7

The7 is a Woocommerce theme that lets you determine how much time and effort you want to spend customizing their templates. They give you the option to choose from over 1,000 themes to customize on your own or use one of their dozens of “Dummy Sites” that are pre-built. You only have to click “Install” prior to adding your company’s content. Furthermore, if your business sells in different parts of the world, then you’re in luck — this WordPress theme is multi-lingual and is already translated into 10+ different languages.

The7 - Ecommerce WordPress Theme

The7 – Premium Ecommerce WordPress Theme

8. Salient

Salient is a Woocommerce theme that allows you to display and sell your products in unique ways with their gallery display settings. These displays can be used on product pages or on Fullscreen Rows, which are pages where you only want one photograph to take up your entire page with or without text. The theme also includes Ajax Cart, a WooCommerce-compatible checkout plugin popular because of its functionality and seamless user experience.

Salient - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Salient – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

9. Nitro

Nitro is a WordPress theme specifically made for e-commerce with features versatile enough to work for all types of e-commerce businesses. The theme gives you options to include mega-menus for companies who sell many items in different categories, pop-up promotion and discount forms, live product search, and many other unique options to enhance user experience. All of Nitro’s templates include a simple design to ensure for simple browsing and buying processes.

Nitro - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Nitro – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

10. Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is an e-commerce WordPress theme with an easy-to-use page builder. This feature allows you to drag and drop different features so you can see what they look like in real-time with your content. With the theme’s Live Space Editor, you can swap out layouts and move, remove, or duplicate sections within layouts to achieve the vision you have for your website. You can do the same with your text and fonts, as well as change the color and style of your font, with the Live Text Editor feature.

Massive Dynamic - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Massive Dynamic – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

11. Ultra

Ultra is a versatile WordPress theme that works for almost any business type with Woocommerce integration — you can buy the Woocommerce Builder add-on so your shop pages match the rest of your Ultra WordPress theme pages. With Ultra, you can use this WordPress theme to organize and design your entire site and then add a Woocommerce module with your product categories and different shop page layouts. This way, you can create a great buying experience for your visitors that also works for the type and number of products you sell.

Ultra - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Ultra – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

12. Hugo

Hugo is a WordPress Woocommerce theme built for high-end businesses. The theme offers a variety of ways to display beautiful photos of your products. With the option to use one of Hugo’s three-page builders for your site’s layout and format or none at all, The theme works well for people of all levels of web development.

Hugo - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Hugo – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

13. Arcade

Arcade is an e-commerce theme designed for video game e-commerce websites. The theme’s homepage offers a layout with space to display multiple different products, help you organize lots of photos and content in a simple format. It’s modern and sleek look works well for organizing a lot of content in a way that makes sense for your business — all while enhancing user experience.

Arcade - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Arcade – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme


14. Shop Elite

Shop Elite is a multi-purpose theme with Woocommerce integration. A minimalist and clean look helps you can completely customize your shopping website in any way you want. this WordPress theme also has a mobile-friendly, responsive design so your customers can easily continue their shopping experience while on the go.

Shop Elite - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Shop Elite – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

15. CupCake

CupCake is a Woocommerce theme created specifically for bakeries and food blogs. this WordPress theme has e-commerce integration so you can easily display the baked goods and other food products you are selling. This e-commerce integration also allows you to organize your latest and featured products in separate sections and pages.

Cupcake - Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Cupcake – Premium Woocommerce WordPress Theme

You can also consult The Best Free WordPress themes collection to find out more WordPress themes to design and customize your e-commerce store. By using an e-commerce WordPress theme, you can achieve virtually any look you desire all while creating a positive and professional experience for your website visitors and customers. Hopefully that you could choose a Woocommerce theme that tailored for your business from this collection.


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