Top 5+ Best Free Grid Plugins for WordPress website

Using a mixture of flexible grids upon which a mobile-friendly web environment is built now is trendy. Grids is very necessary for web responsive design that are almost always there in one fashion or another. Grids which can be resized according to the resolution of each viewer are an ideal building block, since they can be scaled without breaking the overall structure of a website. It enable designers and developers to present information in simplicity and appealing fashion that make visitors interested with multiple choices.
Grid plugins make sure your content is mobile-friendly by creating a system of flexible grids for your content to reside within. All you have to do is provide the content and make sure that the media you pick displays properly across all devices in order to keep your site looking sharp.

Post Grid


While this plugin’s developers may not have pulled any muscles when coming up with a name, Post Grid does succeed in delivering a visually unique grid experience. It is of course fully responsive, and features a wide variety of default grid styles you can try out if you don’t want to create a unique design using its configuration options.


  • Several different default grid configurations which support all kinds of WordPress content.
  • The shape, width, and height of your grids can be manually customized.
  • Enables you to mix multiple post types within a single grid seamlessly.
  • Includes social sharing buttons for all major platforms.

Premium Version of this plugin supports products from WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and WP eCommerce.

Grid Plus


Grid Plus is a WordPress grid plugin which allows you create unlimited layout and display all post types in a fully customizable and responsive grid system. It’s got all the features you should expect with myriad of pre-made layouts, support for multiple content types, and heavy customization options. This plugin is perfectly suited for displaying your blog, portfolio, e-commerce or any kind of WordPress post type.

Grid Plus features:

  • Responsive Ready: Grid looks great from small resolutions to large displays.
  • Unlimited color: You can set your own color scheme or choose from custom css for each grid.
  • Media Metabox Ready: provide media metabox for post and custom post type.
  • Layout builder: With layout builder, you can build many layout follow what you want:
    • Grid layout
    • Masonry layout
    • Carousel layout
  • Add more skin: Grid provide action hook for developer can be add more item skin
  • Well documented with fully video guides
  • Developer friendly. Grid Plus is built to be extensible.


WP Ultimate Post Grid


You’re already familiar with Post Grid, but what about WP Ultimate Post Grid? While this plugin does offer some features that the aforementioned tool doesn’t, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s worthy of the ‘ultimate’ moniker.
As you might imagine, this plugin is meant to format your posts into responsive grids using a variety of styles which you can choose from.


  • Enables you to use posts or any other kind of content as the components of your grid.
  • Includes multiple default styles such as the classic grid, another that features excerpts of your articles, and boxes with hover animations.
  • Create multiple grids and choose which ones you want to place within your pages using a convenient button placed in the text editor.
  • Readers may filter out your published content using category filters which are preset by you, this can be done either with buttons (whose style is customizable) or dropdown lists.
  • Enables you to break down grids into multiple pages or enable infinite scrolling

Masonry Layout


This one is pretty straightforward – Pinterest’s unique visual style needs no introduction, and Masonry Layout simply enables you to introduce this style to your WordPress website. Whether you use it to display your posts, galleries or online products, this visual style is sure to keep your readers interested.


  • Enables you to create a Pinterest-grid (you specify how many columns you want to display) using whichever kind of content you choose, and insert it anywhere on your site using shortcodes.
  • Ajax-powered ‘Load More’ button.
  • Set specific categories for your grids, which enables your visitors to search through your archives in an easier fashion.
  • Your grids can be ordered using whichever criteria you prefer or sorted automatically (according to publication times).

Premium Version of this plugin includes the traditional endless scrolling functionality that can be seen on Pinterest, and multiple additional layouts to customize your grid further.

Content Views


Content Views plugin helps you to create beautiful recent posts grid, category posts grid, tag posts grid, author posts grid, and other types of grid for your WordPress site in minutes, without any line of code. Using this plugin, you can choose to display your content in a responsive and organized fashion with the default grid option, or as a scrollable or collapsible list. Content Views’ grids are also highly optimized for performance, to help improve SEO and conversions.


  • Display any kind of content within grids (or lists) using shortcodes. You can choose the content manually, automatically display the latest posts, or use specific criteria such as categories, author, and status.
  • Enables you to preview how your posted content will look once it’s organized without leaving the configuration screen.
  • Select which fields or meta-data (thumbnails, titles, content, etc.) will be shown to readers.

Premium Version of this plugin includes some additional features, such as Pinterest-like layouts and support for WooCommerce products.

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