How to Add a Custom Widget to WordPress Dashboard

In some situations, especially on multi-user blogs, it may be useful to completely remove widgets from the interface. By default, each individual user can turn off any given widget using the Screen Options (this option is located at the top right of your WordPress Dashboard area), but for non-technical users, it might be nicer for them to not see it at all. There are plenty of new themes coming out for WordPress every day, but none of them utilize a feature that remove default widgets or add custom dashboard widgets. In this article, we will show you how easy to remove the default widget, as well as add your own dashboard widget to display any information that you want. Remove default widget in WordPress Dashboard Following our guide on series “Customize your Admin Area in WordPress”, and step How to Add a Custom Logo to WordPress Login Site you could be know how to creat your own plugin as well as basically modify the code. So today we will proceed to customize the components inside the admin page, and firstly, we will show you how to remove default widget in WordPress Dashboard. Open the custom-admin plugin that you have made from the previous tutorial. You simply adding PHP code … Continue reading How to Add a Custom Widget to WordPress Dashboard