How to Add Dashboard Footer in WordPress

Have you ever want others to know that you designed the specific WordPress theme? The WordPress dashboard is an ideal place for branding where you can put your custom logo in as many places as you can without affecting the design of the website. It’s very useful for branding purpose and may remind your client to come back to you for future work.

By default WordPress has an inscription under the footer of admin area screen that you can see when scroll down at the bottom page. However, if you are working for on a client’s project, you might want to change it by your own custom text.
WordPress Dashboard footer contains following text by default:

This can be changed and you can add some useful links to be displayed in footer. WordPress provides a hook which allows you to this task. Now we can easily modify the WordPress Admin panel footer by using filter hooks and hook into ‘admin_footer_text’.

Following our guide on series “Customize your Admin Area in WordPress”, and step How to Add a Custom Logo to WordPress Login Site you could be know how to creat your own plugin as well as basically modify the code.

Now to accomplish this trick, all you need to do is copy the following code snippet and paste it in your custom-admin plugin that you have made from the previous tutorial (you also can use functions.php file located inside your theme’s directory):

You can replace “Your own text here” by your custom text or anything that you want to add here.
Here is how your result would look like:


If you want to insert your own link to Dashboard footer, you can use the following code:

Your result will be as shown below:



Well, Hopefully this article is helpful enough to helps you know how to change the footer in WordPress admin areaas well as add your custom link in WordPress dashboard. If you have any further questions for us, don’t hesitate to put it up in the comments.
See you again in orther tutorials!

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