How to add new & manage Users

Adding New User

Adding new user in WordPress allows you to create users with different access privileges and roles to your site. Once added, the user will be able to log in to your site with a username and password that were created.
WordPress user roles include site administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber.

  • Administrator : An administrator has full and complete ownership of a website, and can do absolutely everything. This person has complete power over posts/pages, comments, settings, themes, plugins, import, users – everything. Nothing is off-limits, including deleting everything.
  • Editor: An editor can view, edit, publish, and delete any posts/pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files/images.
  • Author : An author can edit, publish and delete their posts, as well as upload files/images.
  • Contributor : A contributor can edit their posts but cannot publish them. When a contributor creates a post, it will need to be submitted to an administrator for review. Once a contributor’s post is approved by an administrator and published, however, it may no longer be edited by the contributor (A contributor does not have the ability to upload files/images).
  • Subscriber : In your comment settings, if you’ve selected “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”, once they have created an account, they will be given subscriber role. Subscribers only have the ability to leave comments.

There are two ways to add new users on your WordPress site.

  1. Open your WordPress site for user registration (allow anyone to create an account on your website, a lot of people will be able to join your site, in such cases often apply for forum site)
  2. Manually add users (you will add users manually, it means that a few users can be added depending on your need)


Add new user

With the 2nd method, you need to do these steps as below:

  • Log in to your Dashboard and click to expand the Users menu >> Add New
  • Fill the form (enter the username, email address, first name, last name, website, and password for the user).
  • If this user is brand new, you can check box “Send User Notification”. Your new user will get the email with password and instruction on how to log in. Once logged in, they can change their password and any other info (except their username) by editing their profile.
  • Next, select the role you wish to give user by using the dropdown. You can click “Help” tab at the top of the screen to see the basic overview of different user roles and the permissions associated with each one, so you’ll be able to decide which level of access to grant to your new user.

user-help-tabHelp tab

Changing User Roles

When you login to Dashboard as an Administrator of a site, you can change other users’ roles by following the steps below.

user change role

  • Head to “Users” → “All Users” in your WordPress admin.
  • Check the box(es) next to user avatar(s).
  • Using Change role to… dropdown menu, select the new user role(s) you want to assign.
  • Click Change.

Managing Users in WordPress

As an administrator, you can add new/edit/delete users from your WordPress site at anytime you want. You can also change any information including passwords (without username). Simply click on the Users and edit or delete a user you choose.


Managing users


I hope this tutorial helped you to know how to add a new user and manage users in WordPress, you may also want to check out our guide on how to import and export data on next step or other instructions in this series.
See you soon!!

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