How To Change Language Using Loco Translate

Themes that support multi-language is not a automatically translate content function, it is the feature that allows us to write more than one language on the website.  It means that you have to translate the phrase in theme and plugins into many different languages by yourself.

Translating using Poedit

First of all you will need to download .PO/.pot file editor like Poedit or other. It is possible to use any text editor but it will be so much easier to use Poedit than regular text edit so I strongly recommend to download it. It’s free, works on Mac, Windows and Linux and there is no reason not to use it.

Translating using Loco Translate plugin

1. Install and activate the plugin Loco Translate


2. Then from your Dashboard Go to Loco Translate > Manage translation

3. Click the “+ New language” button beside the “Optimizer PRO”.

4. Then on the next screen a Country dropdown list will appear, Select The language you want the texts to be translated. e,g: “Italian” and continue.

5. On next screen all the “English text strings” that are inside the theme will be listed. Select text string from the “Source Text” list and then Add your translated text in the textarea below.
Example: If we want to translate the text “Read More” to Italian, We will have to find the “Read More” text from “Source Text” list and add our translated text in the textarea. In this case “Per Saperne Di Più” inside the “Italian translation” box.


6. Then Click the Save button from top and all your translated text should appear on the your website instead of the default English text.

You can translate any text that’s used in Optimizer following the above steps.

NOTE: The translated text will only appear on your frontpage depending on your WordPress Language settings you set from Settings > General. If you want to change the default english text to translate to Italian, Make sure you have set your language to “Italian” from Settings > General.


Well, Hopefully this article is helpful enough to helps you know how to change language in your site using LOCO Translate plugin. If you have any further questions for us, don’t hesitate to put it up in the comments.
See you again in orther tutorials!

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