How To Create A Landing Page For Your Small Business

If you don’t have a proper landing page on your website, you might be losing potential customers. A perfect landing page on your small business website helps the visitors will not get all confused and leave.

These elements below are necessary to create a Landing Page for your small business:

Prepare a clean WordPress Theme

Clean Design plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of the website. Use a WordPress theme that is designed to improve user experience and friendly mobile.
Another thing you should note is that your website shouldn’t have heavy “modern” effects. The latest CSS effects may look cool but it will not only make your website slow but also distract your users from the main cause i.e. click on the button you want them to click.

Have a Call to Action Button

A Call to Action button helps your visitors buy your product/signup/contact you or download product by one click. Decide what you want them to do and place a Call to Action button.
This button should look distinct from the rest of your website and catch the eye of the visitors immediately. It should be easy to understand, accessible, and compelling enough to take action.
The tip is you should never request the visitors to take two different actions on a landing page. If you have two requests, put emphasis on the primary action and make the second button visually softer.

Have A Contact Form

A contact form is necessary if you want to collect the visitor’s data. It will make the user feel at ease because they can ask questions if they want more information. In fact, you can improve your business by analyzing the messages you receive and understand your customers via the contact form. You can understand which services or products your customers like, what type of customers your service attracts.

‘About Us’ section to tell about your business

Let your customers know your business’s mission or why you started the business. You can write an interesting story about how your business started and who is behind the business. This will help you build trust with your customers. If you donate some percentage of the sale’s profit to a charity, you need to mention it on the website.
‘About Us’ section should provide your contact address and phone number.

A Section to Show your Services/Products you Offer

A landing page should have a region where you can showcase and talk about your services or products.
In the landing page should display the products that have the most potential. You can know which product is in demand with the help of the contact form or sales data.

Genuine testimonials

Visitors will feel more comfortable if other people have already tried out your service and leave reviews. If other people have already bought it and liked it, new customers will most likely buy it. So, you should always keep testimonials on your landing page.
Ask your clients for their genuine testimonials and display them on your landing page.

You can consult the collections to find out Free WordPress Themes for a Perfect Landing Page that matches all the elements required to create a landing page and are absolutely free! Check them out for yourself.

If you have any further questions for us, don’t hesitate to put it up in the comments. See you again in orther tutorials!

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