How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress

The syntax error is one of the WordPress most common error which appears mostly. If you have installed some outdated plugins or theme which is not properly functioning for WordPress so it could be output as the Syntax error.

II. Download FTP client

Now connect it, If you don’t know how to connect your server with the FTP client,  please watch the tutorial:

You can access by different ways,  but most popular way is accessing FTP. In this case, you can access FTP account to make change files, folders safely.

First, you login your FTP account, you go to file as information of error which display in your website.


Next, you need download this file as image:


If you want to find the file, please go to this path:

wp-content–> themes–> theme’s name–> file’sname

After downloading this file, you open this file. I usually open it by notepad++

You make change that you want. When you ‘re done, please click “Save”  in left corner to make sure your website will run with the new file that you changed

When you upload file, you need refresh  (Ctrl+F5 )your website to delete cache

II. Troubleshooting the Error

I have an example about the error as image:Screenshot_8

The reason is sometime syntax, wrong structure, lost character. I’ve done all of these myself and it’s  easy to do.

We will see the example, we are easy to look at error in code. As the red-border in line 32.

Someone add the character “]” so the website is error. But rarely,  the reason from code

Note: When your website is error, please don’t worry. You go to step by step to find the detail reason.

III. Turn off plugins

Please turn off plugin you install to support other function of your website. That plugins can conflict with our theme

so this file write wrong code.

You can see the above image to view way disable (turn off ) plugin:



Well, hopefully this article is helpful enough to helps you know how to fix missing admin bar issue in WordPress. If you have any further questions for us, don’t hesitate to put it up in the comments.
See you again in orther tutorials!

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