How to set up Akismet plugin

WordPress is an open source software that platform popular websites now. Certainly, spammers never ignore a lucrative “market” like this. Spam comments is a big issue faced to many WordPress sites.
In fact, the amount of spam comments could get as high as 85% . Comment management is a time consuming task, so how can we handles comments spam and focus our energy on managing comments by real users?? The easiest way is using a Spam Blocking plugin that catch spam comments before it lands in your moderation queue as pending.

One of the best Spam Blocking Plugins “official” is the Akismet plugin for WordPress (as well as Drupal and Joomla) You can rest assured that it is of high-quality and will see all the updates it needs without fear of it simply being abandoned, as is the case with many plugins in the realms of WordPress. In this article, I will guide you how you to set up Akismet plugin.

What is Akismet and How Akismet works?

Akismet plugin uses an algorithm to analyze comments and pingbacks that are submitted to your site, and look at all the warning signs of spammy comments and pingbacks and handle them accordingly. This is a handy tool since it eliminates about 99% of the spam sorting work for you.

Akismet is a very convenient plugin to use, and it always bundled with WordPress, it used same access API key across multiple websites. It is absolutely consistent with all requirements of personal website owners and small businesses . Beside, there was also a paid license for a log time targeted at companies that have very large volume of comments to check.

In fact, most of users Akismet are unaware about how Akismet plugin works. Akismet classify comments by sending it to the Akismet servers to check if the message is spam or not. Each Akismet request weights about 3Kb (or more, if the comment is long) and contains: comment, comment user IP, user agent, referrer, post permalink, blog URL, blog name, blog language…

There are occasions where the plugin will mark a well-meaning comment as spam for one reason or another, however, those are usually few and far between (If a comment was marked as spam by Akismet, its user will not see the Awaiting Comment Moderation notice like normally would) And if you ever catch one in the spam folder, you can simply move it out of there and approve it and Akismet will learn from those actions

How to set up Akismet

Nomarlly, Akismet is default plugins that is installed comes with WordPress installation. You just need to go to Dashboard > Plugins and click the option to activate Akismet.

Active Akismet

Once Akismet plugin is activated, it will asked to enter your Akismet API Key to actually start working, so you’ll need to acquire API Key in order the activation to take effect. You press the button Get your API key to get an API key for your own.

It will move you to the homepage of Akismet, you need to press the button Get an API key.


Log in with your account Once the authentication with is complete, grant it to access Akismet service and you will be taken back to the Akismet website.
Start them will ask you to use Akismet packages, select Personal to use for free.


There you will be asked to provide some user details along with the payment information and the price will automatically be set to $36 for the year. If you picked the free plan, simply drag the price amount to $0 for free using.


Finally you get the API Key.

Copy it and go to Settings -> Akismet then fill the key and activate.

Finished, say goodbye to spammer!


I very hope this tutorial helped you have more information about Akismet plugin, set up get an Akismet API Key on your website. You can click here for more information about using Akismet. Hope to see you again in orther tutorials!

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