How to take advantage of Google plus for SEO


You’ve surely been heard about Google+ so much, but what you may not know is that it is the second biggest social media site behind Facebook, beating out the likes of YouTube and Twitter.
Google Plus (G+) have a lot of great things that Marketers are looking for stepping up their SEO process. Let’s not forget that Google is the world’s #1 search engine, so the integration of said search engine and their social network makes sense. Google Plus is Google’s baby, and naturally Google is giving it every chance to succeed. In 2010, Google have stated that they take links from social media networks into account when ranking websites, and then in fact, many researches showed that Google Plus sets itself apart from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter by having a heavy emphasis on SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Many search results that belong to Google Plus appear higher on Google’s search rankings, just because they are a part of Google’s massive network. Google Plus isn’t the most popular social media site right now, but it is still growing. Take this opportunity to be an early adopter and get well established before everyone else clogs up the system. It is a small investment of time and effort that could have significant payoffs for your business. Today I will show you 4 top tips how to take advantage of Google Plus for SEO.

  • Stay on top of your Profile and Post Links

By embedding links directly to your G+ profile page, you can raise the visibility of your own website once more people click and engage with your link. Profile links are similar, except you can post as many links as you want directly into your posts. The more people who click, share, and +1 your link, the higher that link will rank in Google search rankings. Thus, you can use your Google Plus profile and posts to expose links to more people, which can tangible increase the validity and trustworthiness of the links themselves!

  • Control your Posts After You Post them

With Google Plus, you have the power to edit all your posts even after you have posted them. This is in stark contrast to Facebook and Twitter, where you have much more constrained control over your posts. This is important if the post appears to be becoming more popular and you want to make some updates or add media to it before it becomes fully viral.

  • Make sure the First Word of your Post

The first sentence of your Google Plus posts are a part of the title tag, which has a much higher weight when it comes to rankings. As such, it is an incredibly important keyword for your post and must be chosen with care for proper Google search engine optimization.

  • Post your Content on Google Plus to Increase Visibility

Content that is shared on Google Plus is added to Google searches (or indexed) much quicker than on other sites. As such, all new content that you create should be spread on Google Plus or other social media sites in order to ensure it is optimized as soon as possible.

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