How to Use Different Themes on Different WordPress Pages/Post

WordPress allows to create templates for sections, single posts and pages with ease in your theme so you could create a page template or even a specific post template and then style them as you like. But most of us don’t have the design skills enough to code up a template and make it look good as our liking.

WordPress is known for its flexibility with themes and you can absolutely use more than one WordPress theme on a site at same or different themes on different pages/posts . It’s possible to assign whatever theme you like to specific pages or posts with a plugin called Multiple Themes. The plugin menu provides detailed instructions on how to use it,  each section on the settings page is explained in full detail so in this article we will try to summarize those settings for you.

Note: Make sure that the needed themes are available in WordPress . You can install as many themes as you want, but you can only have one theme activated at a time. You should deactivate any caching plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache because they may display the page older version, and make a full backup of your website.

Using Multiple Themes in WP

Firstly, install and activate the jonradio Multiple Themes  plugin. To configure the plugin, go to Appearance » Multiple Themes plugin.


You can set a different theme for the homepage of your website. Just select the needed theme from the dropdown menu and click Save All Changes.


Limitation: One thing to be warned about here is that not all premium themes will necessarily work with this plugin. With some themes, there are simply too many conflicts to be easily resolved.

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