How to use FTP Client – FileZilla

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. In FTP server, you manage the entire data files and folders on your hosting except the databases. The basic function of FTP is to exchange data between your PC with hosting and vice versa, it means that you can upload and download files to and from the server.

FTP is a very important concept because during the time that you use hosting, you may need to use FTP rather than using the control panel of hosting because it will help you more convenient to Upload /Manage files and folders on hosting.

What do I need to connect to FTP?

To connect to FTP you will need to fill these information:

  • Host Name (server name)
  • Username (log in)
  • Password
  • FTP Client

The FTP can be set by using many free and commercial FTP software applications called FTP Client that provides you a user interface to perform file transfer. There are many free FTP clients software are available including:

  • Webshell– built in to your IX control panel
  • FileZilla – third party FTP client for Windows and Mac
  • Cyberduck – third party FTP client for Windows and Mac
  • CoffeeCup – third party FTP client for Windows users only

One of the most popular products for personal use that I recommend here are FileZilla FTP Client which is an open-source, cross-platform software application with a great list of features and provided totally free of charge.
All web hosting packages that you buy, support cPanel control panel support, DirectAdmin, … also support FTP Client available (the default TCP port for FTP connection is port 21).

How to connect to FTP

Firstly, you need to install the FileZilla FTP client software.
After installed, now you can login FileZilla FTP on your computer:


1 – Your FTP server/Host or IP address of hosting that you need to access.
2 – Username access to hosting.
3 – Password access to hosting.
4 – TCP port for FTP connection, you do not need to fill, by default it is port 21.

Filling out the same information, click on QuickConnect button to start the connection. Successful connection will show up like screenshot below:


Local data on your computer are showed on the left side and on the right side is all data on your server. Could you see public_html folder? (to the following folder dependent on your package: Linux package: public_html and Windows package: web/content) It is the root folder that stores all files and folders on your hosting.


Public_html folder

You can right-click and choose Edit to edit the content in files, except images.
If you want to upload files to your web host using FTP, you just open the file location on the left side and right-click to choose Upload . Your file will be uploaded to the server.

ftp-filezilla-3Upload file using FTP

Wait until the file appears on the right side.

ftp-filezilla-4Uploaded to server

Similarly, you can right-click any file on the server and select Download to download to your computer.


I very hope this tutorial helped you have a overview of FTP and how to upload files to hosting using FTP client. You can click here for more information about using Filezilla. Hope to see you again in orther tutorials!