How to Use Your Child Theme

With WordPress platform you can complete control over your websites and easily run them independent. If you have a bit of knowledge of HTMl, CSS and/or PHP, there is nothing you can’t change.
This article, we focus on showing you how to use your child theme on another WordPress site, you may also want to refer our guide on How to create a child theme to learn more about child themes.

What Are Child Themes

From the WordPress back end, a child theme doesn’t behave any differently. You can find and activate it under “Appearance” → “Themes,”  like you would with any other theme.

A child theme depends completely on its parent in order to work. Without its parent theme present, it will not do a thing and cannot even be activated. Because a child theme isn’t a standalone entity, but instead modifies or adds to the files of an existing theme. It uses everything present in the parent theme and allows you to make changes and customize your WordPress theme without ever editing the main theme. So you can alter styles, functions, layout, templates… However, without the parent theme being present, none of it will work, and you will get theme updates without losing your changes


Getting Started

Child themes are completely portable, and you can use it on as many sites as you like. You can download them and install them on another WordPress site. You can even submit your child theme to the WordPress theme directory for others to use if it meets certain standards.

Make sure that you have complete WordPress backup of both your sites before performing any actions.

Moving a WordPress Child Theme

First thing you need to do is connect to your website using an FTP client and browse to the /wp-content/themes directory. Next, download both your child theme and parent theme folders to your computer.


The next step is to connect to the WordPress site where you want to install your child theme using the FTP client. Browse to the /wp-content/themes/ directory and then upload both child and parent theme folders you downloaded earlier to the new site.

Now login to the admin area of the site where you want to install the child theme and visit Appearance » Themes.


Click on the live preview button under the child theme to make sure everything is working as expected. Once you are satisfied, you can safely activate the child theme on your new WordPress site.


Hopefully this article gives you a basic understanding of how to use your child theme on another WordPress site. See you again in other instructions 

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