Repair a broken WordPress Installtion

Many people can’t install theme successfully, it has the ability is broken in frontend.  The reasons of this problem can be cause of the plugin (that not include in WP theme) conflict with website, error database, etc

These steps below could help you fix a broken WordPress Install. Before trying to fix any issues, make sure to back up your blog!

Items to back up:

Your /wp-content/ folder
Your blog’s database.
Use the wp-backup plugin to make backups easy.

1. Disable Plugins

Plugins add a lot of additional features and functionality to a blog but can cause also cause unexpected issues such as admin pages that show nothing but a white screen, slow loading pages, or PHP error messages on public facing pages.

To disable plugins you can go to the plugins screen on the admin side, select all, and then disable them. Once disabled, go back through and ensure the issue is gone. Then, enable the plugins one at a time until you find the one causing the issue.


If for some reason you can’t get to the plugins page, you can FTP into your blog and rename the plugins folder. The next time that you try to load the plugins page in WordPress, it’ll not be able to locate the plugins folder and de-activate all plugins. Renaming the folder back will bring all the plugins back but keep them deactivated. Then, enable the plugins one at a time until you find the one causing the issue.

In case, you can’t access your website to disable plugin. Now, you need login your FTP account and disable them by click F2 for each plugin name to put _ before plugin name. You rename them until successful installation. Then you can change active easily by deleting _ before plugin name.


2. Check your Config file

If you see errors, you need access your FTP account, make sure username, password, database are correct.

If  you have any item, you can contact with your hosting provider.

3. Reinstall Theme

If you can access your website, you need reset to reinstall website.  First, please install and active Wp reset plugin

Then you reset all:


If you can’t reset in wordpress because of some reasons, you login your FTP.  The best solution is to first delete the old files before uploading the new ones.

4. Repair database

I think you need login and check all  database tables via phpmyAdmin. But, the best way is contacting with your hosting providers.  They will support for you to access your phpmyAdmin.

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