The Tips to Promote Your Blog Posts

Blogging is the key to driving new traffic to your website and new leads into your business.
You see most people that visit your blog posts usually leave without reading it all the way through. You really only have 2 – 3 seconds to grab your user’s attention and convince them to click and actually read your blog post.
With every blog post, you’re essentially creating a new point-of-entry into your website. But in order to really get great results with blogging, you’ve got to become an aggressive blog posts promoter.
So how do you make sure that your content marketing efforts aren’t going to waste? Well, these 6 tips below could help you promote blog posts.

promote your blog posts

1. Identify Your Content Target for Blog Posts

Before anything else, decide what topic you will write about. Before you jump in, consider these three questions. Make sure you answer “yes” to all three:

  • Will the information I share somehow benefit my audience? (Your article should have a useful takeaway for the reader.)
  • Do I have something new to say about this topic? (“new” can be simply your own experience. Tell a story that you went through. Be real.)
  • Do I have a clear idea who my readers are? (Keep the profile of your audience in mind. Write as if you are speaking to just one of them.)

2. Write a Magnetic Headline for Blog Posts

How do you get people to start reading an article? Here’s the key — make every “announcement” interesting and compelling.
Remember that your blog post headline is the first impression of your post. Your title is the first hook people see in various places online, like…

  • Your blog archives
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Results
  • RSS feeds
  • Emails passed around

You don’t want to simply throw up the title of the blog post and a link. Think about your audience. Try multiple approaches, using something unique for each social network.
A seductive headline works in any location where online readers find them. Just remember they have to be seductive, not suck. So take your time when you write a headline.

3. Announce every post on your social media networks.

Every single blog post you write is an asset. You spent the time and energy (or money, if you’ve hired a blogger) to produce that content, so you should do everything possible to get as much mileage as you can out of every post.
Social media marketing is all about sharing content. That’s why you want to be sure you “announce” every post you write on your most important social media networks. If you’re a B2B company, for example, you’ll probably want to stick with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you’re in more visual space (especially retail, e-commerce, and travel businesses) then consider a Facebook   Pinterest approach.

4. Share every blog post multiple times.

If you’re using software like HootSuite, this is super easy. Let’s say your publishing your new blog post today. You’ll also want to get some juice out of that same blog post a few weeks and even a few months down the road. So this is the perfect opportunity to schedule additional announcements of this same post well into the future.

Remember: much of social media is about what’s happening right NOW. Regardless of how large of a social following you might have, you’re still only going to capture so many people with each social post. Don’t be afraid to promote posts multiple times. If you’ve never done this, now is a good time to start digging through your blog archive.

I’d also recommend featuring those uber-popular blog posts even more. Once you begin to identify your “top 10” most popular or most converting posts, you can continue to share them on your social networks. Just be careful not to inundate your social audiences too much with repetitive content.

5. Build a comment network.

I remember the good old days of blogging. You know, back when it was sort of “rare” and almost “strange” to have a blog about anything (let alone for your business!). Blogging really pre-dates all social networks. It truly was the first form of online social networking.

Think about it — in those days, you would publish a new blog post, then go out and leave comments on other bloggers posts, and they would reciprocate. I made many contacts and uncovered many new prospects using that simple system.

It baffles me how so few bloggers are doing this today — especially business blogs. Do it! Start commenting on related blogs in your marketplace and begin building connections. It takes time, but soon you’ll see the results rolling in.

6. Include blog posts in weekly or monthly email newsletters.

Don’t forget to provide email newsletters about your blog posts in weekly or monthly. Your newsletter should be focused on providing value, whether through content or products. You can send a weekly/monthly newsletter filled-to-the-brim with good content, interesting links, and other useful goodies. Instead of skimming through your newsletter, your readers will look forward to it – after all, it only comes once a week/month.


Well, hopefully these 6 tips helpful and if you follow these, you’ll definitely be able to promote blog posts. What other tips do you use when writing your blog posts? Let me know by leaving a comment below.
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See you again in orther tutorials!

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