Top 10 Minimalist Free Responsive Themes for Blogging

Blogger nomarlly have to publish blogs every day and normally they want just to focus on writing or photos. In this article we will introduce the minimalist responsive themes to create blogs or websites.
The collection of themes below includes mostly themes put out for free by generous developers on their blogs. They are clean with simplest interface and allow your content to shine without unnecessary clutter or bloat. They also actually already created with further customize and use as you wish.

Fastr | Download – Demo

Fastr-ThemeThis theme look simple but not less beautiful, exquisite. It have default interface as a version of Ghost that is an open source blogging written by Nodejs with features support for blogging, so you could have a great blog on WordPress platform. But you should know that, this theme does not support navigative menus.

Omega | Download – Demo


With Omega, you can use it as a platform theme for customizing to be other themes, but normally, most people who use this theme for the purposes blogging do not want to change their inherent interface. Because by using two basic colors are white and black, with reasonable white layouts between the sidebar and content, it will not only make a sense of comfort to the reader, but also a source of inspiration for writers.

Gridsby | Download – Demo


If you’re a photographer or you simply have inspiration with language of photos and sharing moments through your selection process, you may want to have a minimalist blog which focus on the photos inside it, instead of content. So Gridsby is actually appropriate, you will hardly find the same quality theme with price equal to 0.

Graphy | Download – Demo


Trends blogging about books or using your blog as a tool to publish your books now are more popular. Graphy is designed with attention in typography so its default interface can transmit the inspiration to you like books, it is the power of Minimalist.

Write | Download – Demo


Write is a minimal WordPress theme for users focused on writing. It’s designed to keep decorations to a minimum and put your writing in the spotlight. It will show its beauty the instant you activate the theme. You don’t have to fight with the Customizer or pages to get the theme working. Moreover it’s been firmly designed so its visual appearance won’t collapse.

Woodley | Download – Demo

Woodley is a minimalist WordPress theme with two-column allowing readers to focus on content. To be honest, Woodley is what you will get if you were to take Twenty Fifteen and refine its design a bit, and possibly add some minor sophistication.

Kouki | Download – Demo


A beautiful and minimal theme for personal blogs. “Kouki is a Japanese name and stands for 光 (kou) “light” or 幸 (kou) “happiness” combined with 希 (ki) “hope” or 輝 (ki) “radiance, shine” ” Kouki is meant for publishers who like to display their content in a delightful and minimal way. It is appropriate for food blogs, photographers, minimalists, tumble logs and everyone else who likes an unobstrusive WordPress theme.

Bushwick | Download – Demo


Bushwick have a little special with above themes that we have introduced, it is more colourful with a lightweight. Bushwick is responsive blogging theme, designed to showcase beautiful content alongside beautiful imagery. If you’ve crafted an excerpt for your post, Bushwick will display it between the title and the content, to give readers a quick summary of the content.

 Fukasawa | Download – Demo


Fukusawa comes with a magnificently minimal layout that showcases your posts, photographs and videos in a Pinterest-style grid, so that it makes your photoblog look fabulous, clean and organized. It features responsive & retina-ready design and you can show off your images in a splendid grid with Jetpack Tiles Galleries. It completely suitable for photographers and collectors. Its name made us to associate Japansese publisher but it is belong to a Swedish so naturally it available in Swedish/svenska language.

Radcliffe | Download – Demo


Radcliffe is a theme for bloggers who want their content to take center stage with full width header images, beautiful design and typography. This theme comes with a responsive and mobile-optimized layout design that ensures the accessibility and usability of your website

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  1. These really are some of the best WordPress themes. They look fresh and all of them have a different feel about them. I hate it when I see several themes that I fancy. It’s hard making the choice! I have found other WordPress Free themes

    Brad - September 9, 2016

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