What is WordPress? Why should use it?

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source software (Open Source Software) is written in the programming language PHPMySQL database. WordPress was first launched on the date 05.27.2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little author. Currently WordPress is owned and developed by the company Automattic is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States of America under the case.

WordPress is an open source PHP language to support creating personal blog, and it gets a lot of use in favor of ease of use, many useful features. Over time, the number of users increases, the collaborators are also engaged programmers to develop numerous WordPress source code with additional great features. And until the time of writing is 2016, WordPress has been viewed as a content management system (CMS – Content Management System) to support outstanding user can create multiple different types of websites such as blogs, news sites news / magazine, introducing enterprise sales – e-commerce, even with the kind of high complexity websites such as hotel reservations, car rental, post real estate projects, …etc. Almost all forms of small-scale sites are small and can be deployed on a WordPress platform.

But that does not mean that WordPress is only suitable for small projects, many largest websites using WordPress source code. For example magazine pages CNN, BBC America, Variety, Quartz, … etc..

See the reasons to find the answer why should use WordPress

If you are still wondering about WordPress and what it can do? I would like to show you some great reasons to choose WordPress before to build your own website.

1.Easy to use

The operations in WordPress is simple, intuitive administration interface can help you understand the management structure a WordPress website in a short time. WordPress was developed to serve the common user object, do not have much knowledge about advanced website programming. You can install a WordPress website on the host (server) itself and operate it themselves(localhost) after a few clicks. That is not too difficult even though you are newbie.

2. The best community support 

Because it is a popular open source, so that you will be using the WordPress community support. If you have good English skills, you can easily find the answer to the problem you’re having on Google just a few keyword searches.

3. Many packages/themes available, both free & charge

While using WordPress, conceptual interface for WordPress call it a theme. Currently WordPress theme with a lot of different free so that you can easily change the “skin” of your website with just a few clicks without having to bother. If you want beautiful and professional website, you can purchase premium themes with prices ranging from $ 40 to $ 65 on the largest market Themeforest.net.
But if you are a beginner to become familiar with WordPress, temporarily forgetting the use of premium themes as how to install it can be not easy for beginners, so please try with Free first, you can browser them here.

4. Many plugins free already

“Plugin” means that a plug-in website to complement the functionality you need. For example, the default after installing WordPress website, you haven’t got functional displays related posts at the bottom of each article, but with free plugin support, you can easily install a free plugin for your websites. Similar to the theme, there is also a lot of premium plugins bring unique features and useful to the website and price depend on the complexity.

5. Multiple languages

Although in each theme or plugin has its own language, but you can easily translate the software it supports. Powered by WordPress now has a lot of language packs come.

6. Can use for many type of websites

With using WordPress, you are not only make personal blog, which you can turn your website into a sales page, a website introducing the company, a magazine online using themes and plugin combination together. But to do it, you should definitely understand WordPress and not rush to get a step up clouds of feeling frustrated because of its complexity.

7. Easy for customize

If you are a person with knowledge of the website as proficient as HTML, CSS, PHP, you can easily extend your WordPress website with lots of extremely helpful features. Developing very simply because WordPress is an open source, you can easily understand how its activities and develop additional features.

With thousands of functions (function) available on it(Google to check), you can feel free to use, you can also change the structure of a filter function with hook and almost workflow of a professional programmer can easy on the WordPress application.

Number says:

– Worldwide, there are about 25 articles posted on the website using WordPress per second.
– Number of WordPress sites made 23% of the total number of sites in the world.
– 60% use CMS are WordPress.
– Downloads 16 million in 2 month for WordPress version 4.0.
– WordPress currently has about 785 programmers and development cooperation.
Free themes library has more than 2,700 WordPress.org different themes.
WordPress is great or not?


Please go to the next article, you will understand more about WordPress and go slowly into installing.

I'm a developer from 2002, i can do .net, C#, Sql Server, php, mysql..etc and quite too much technology base on software computer. I moved to Wordpress and opensource 5 years ago, it is quite interesting but now i love it.