What’s New in WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 is the final release of 2016 and for the next year, it will have a new default theme. It is a WordPress tradition to release a new default theme each year named after the year.
If we compare WordPress 4.7 version with the previous version so it has some difference.
Important: Don’t forget to create a complete WordPress backup before starting the update.

A New Default Theme – Twenty Seventeen


Twenty Seventeen mostly focuses on business websites instead of blogs and it helps with the starter content new user in setup their WordPress websites.The starter content feature is available for new sites only.
You can also use it as a blog theme. It has a large image features image, crisp typography which looks great on all screens.

Video Header Support in WordPress 4.7

Most of the WordPress theme now are allowing users to add full screen videos. WordPress 4.7 brings video header support for themes that will make it easier for theme developers to integrate it with in customizer with live preview.
In this version, you can upload and also use your own videos in mp4 format. For the videos not only YouTube but also Vimeo videos can be used by entering the URL of the video (We recommend adding a video using YouTube)

Post editor changes in WordPress 4.7

With WordPress 4.7 now users can see keyboard shortcuts in tooltips and drop down menus.
The paragraph and heading selector menu will now appear in the top bar. The underline button has been removed.


Custom CSS in Live Preview

Previously you had to add custom CSS to your theme or child theme‘s stylesheet. WordPress 4.7 allows you to directly add custom CSS directly from theme customizer and view live preview of your changes (this custom CSS is specific to the WordPress theme you are currently editing)



Thumbnail PDF Previews

Previously, when you added a PDF document WordPress showed a generic document icon. Now with WP 4.7, you can upload a PDF file, then WordPress shows thumbnail previews.

This feature creates an image for the first page of PDF document during upload. This image is then stored in different sizes and is displayed in media library, media upload popup, and attachment pages.
Admin Language Control

The new WordPress 4.7 will allow the users to with the admin language from their user profile then each user will able to choose the preferred language. So that, users can switch admin area language from their profiles.You will still need to install the languages before users can switch them.


Hopefully this article offered you a good scope of What’s New in WordPress 4.7. See you again in other news

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