WordPress 4.6 Release

WordPress Version 4.6 was released just over 4 months since the release of WordPress Version 4.5, it was headed up by Dominik Schilling, supported by Garth Mortensen and 272 contributors. A community of translators also helped to make WordPress 4.6 accessible in 52 languages.

This article is overview of what’s new in WordPress Version 4.6 release and what features to expect when you update your site.

Before Updating – Backup Your Website

Don’t forget perform backup all database and files of your website before upgrading WordPress 4.6. Where possible, it’s best to apply updates to a test or staging environment so that you can test the changes before applying them to your live site.


WordPress 4.6 Update

If you experience issues, try some basic troubleshooting steps. You can also visit the official WordPress support forum, just make sure you read the welcome post to ensure a speedy and helpful response.

Streamlined Updates

When you update, install or delete plugins and themes you stay on the same screen. It means that you can install and update your WordPress plugins and themes without leaving a page.


This added a page load and increased the time spent on installing plugins and themes.


Native System Fonts

Since 4.6, The WordPress dashboard now uses the system font of your operating system. This will make WordPress load faster and feel like your native device and platform.

WordPress started using Open Sans from Google Fonts project, as the default font so that the admin interface looks the same on different platforms and devices.

This change only affects user interface elements inside WordPress admin area. It will not affect content

Broken Link Highlighting

Sometimes users end up adding a broken link or improper URL in a post. Broken links are a bad user experience and effect your website’s SEO.

Since 4.6, WordPress now automatically perform basic check the syntax of your links, to make sure they’re not obviously broken or poorly formatted links when you are using the Visual Editor. If a link is broken, then it will highlight the linked anchor text with red dots, showing the link URL in red.


Content Recovery

WordPress 4.6 comes with a better auto-save feature to make recovering your saved content even faster. Users will be able to easily restore posts from browser backups and auto-save.WordPress now leverages your browser, saving every 15 seconds.

Developer Features and Changes

Developers may also wish to take note of:

  • Resource Hints for performance improvements
  • HTTP API is now using the Requests PHP library
  • Updates to various JavaScript libraries
  • Multisite performance improvements
  • Improved Translation loading
  • Customizer validation and notifications
  • New WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type
  • New Meta Registration API

Please stay tuned these new features for developers in the coming weeks!!


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